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Soul Society

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No New Posts Seireitei

The shinigami courts center of soul society, here only shinigami are allowed in. Guarded by a wall made of a material that is impenetrable.
Here the shinigami live there lives, it is rare to see any leave this place or any one to get in, thanks to the guards at each of the four entrances. (north,east,west,south)

Moderator: Shani Kururugi

Sub-boards: Training Area, Sake Bar and Restaurant, Bath House, Mature Board, Shinigami Academy, Central 46 Chambers, 1st Division Building, 2nd Division Building, 3rd Division Building, 4th Division Building, 5th Division Building, 6th Division Building, 7th Division Building, 8th Division Building, 9th Division Building, 10th Division Building, 11th Division Building, 12th Division Building, 13th Division Building, Kido Corps Tower, The Repentance Tower, Maggot's Nest

5 46 Let's go Strolling (open)
by Azerik Zaraki
Jun 25, 2012 15:39:18 GMT -5
No New Posts North Rukongai

This is the area that the 80th district is in and is the worst area in Rukongai. Being both filthy and rough to live in.

Sub-board: Ranbatsu Forest

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No New Posts South Rukongai

This is the south Rukongai; here resides Inuzuri, the seventy eighth district. This is one of the harder living areas.

Sub-boards: Hinpu Gambling Den, Research & Development Institute

2 5 Final Project (Research Thread)
by Hitsugaya
Jun 11, 2012 15:50:36 GMT -5
No New Posts East Rukongai

This is east Rukongai,the best area in all of Rukongai, it is rich in wealth and happy homes.

Sub-board: Yutaka Club

1 5 Norallis Residence (Takeshi Kamavirya/Closed)
by Serus Norallis
Mar 7, 2012 23:44:54 GMT -5
No New Posts West Rukongai

This is west Rukongai,here resides unrinan the first district, Hokuan the third and Mt. Koifushi, this is one of the better areas of Rukongai.

Sub-board: Mt. Koifushi

1 1 The visit of the past away Father (Open/ Training)
by Kiyoshi Osamu
Mar 23, 2013 11:31:38 GMT -5

Living World

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No New Posts Karakura Town

It is said every few million years a certain part of the world becomes a beacon for spirit energy. Housing a condensed level of spirit energy, it attracts countless hollow, and therefore the attention of Soul Society. A simple town, where its residents are blind to the spirits actions, putting its special spirit signal aside. It is ordinary town, and a good place to live your life, unless you can see spirits that is.

Sub-boards: Erana Elementary, Training Area, Sun Down Middle School, Crescent Destiny High School, Shopping District, Spaztic Reality, Karakura Park, Donshoku River & Bridge, Industrial District, Warehouses, Karakura Graveyard

10 121 A peculiar Day for some(Andreas)
by Blood
Aug 26, 2012 14:58:36 GMT -5
No New Posts Manga Shop

To most this is a normal everyday manga and anime shop where they can find all the good shows on DVD and the latest volumes of manga. Previously owned by the legendary shinigami exile, Hasaki Ryo, who secretly trained spiritually aware humans there. It is now owned by his apprentice, the human Clyde. Under the shop is a hidden underground arena, in the appearance of a huge wasteland, used by Clyde to train other spiritually aware humans.

Moderator: Clyde

Sub-boards: Underground Training Area, Housing Facility

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No New Posts Viz Co

This is the Viz corp company building. Due to the way the building was made, while inside you appear to be a regular human, no matter how strong your reiatsu is. All Reiatsu sensors and sensing is impossible here.

Moderator: Kuro Akuma

Sub-boards: Training room, Lobby, Section Eight, Portal Room, Kuros Private Office, Meeting Room

3 33 Shakan v Mijek (post-timeskip spar)
by Mijek: The Last Oni
May 23, 2012 17:24:41 GMT -5
No New Posts Yakushi Hospital

A hospital of fairly advanced practices and very complex machinery. It is one of the better hospitals in the entire region but unknown to the general public it is run by an ancient order, that of the Quincy. Mainly used as a cover and way of gaining money, the Quincy have set up quite a practice, that both protects humans as well as heals them.

Moderator: Lucia Abendroth

Sub-boards: Mental Health Ward, Training Area, Underground Entrance, Living Area, Cibus Kitchen, Science Room

4 76 The Raven's fight (Open/ training)
by Redwinters
May 25, 2012 11:33:05 GMT -5
No New Posts The Underground

Hidden deep under the city lies a place call the Spiritual Underground. It is home to a Black market for items and services in the human realm. This place is also home to outcasts, traitors, and faction rouges who have no where else to go. It is controlled by a man called Lord Pride.

Sub-board: Black Hall

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Hueco Mundo

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No New Posts Las Noches

The main area of the Arrancar within Heuco Mundo. It consists of a main building with a domed center surrounded by several large towers and smaller buildings. Atop the dome are six smaller towers (or as they appear), which seem to contain areas such as the Lord of the Deep's throne room and the Arrancar meeting hall.

Moderator: Karzan Zaraki

Sub-boards: Lord's Throne Room, Commander's Quarters, The Tower of Pain, Primera Espada's Quarters, Segunda Espada's Quarters, Tercero Espada's Quarters, Cuarta Espada's Quarters, Quinta Espada's Quarters, Sexta Espada's Quarters, Septimo Espada's Quarters, Octavo Espada's Quarters, Novena Espada's Quarters, Decima Espada's Quarters

5 48 Distored Flames (Nero/Adventure)
by bshopperz
Apr 20, 2016 5:59:49 GMT -5
No New Posts El Raja

A "fissure" of energy outside Las Noches, caused by the intense flaring of Reiatsu during Clyde and Karzan's battle. It attracts Hollow to Las Noches and is a war zone, feeding frenzies taking place at short intervals. The reiatsu has had an unusual effect on the surrounding area, causing quartz trees to surround the area. Hollow are also known to be effected in strange ways if exposed to this reiatsu over longer periods of time. While many have tried to find the center point, the 'impact zone', the flow of reiatsu interferes with a hollows perception, making it virtually impossible to find.

2 6 Raison D'Etre (1-v-1 Spar/Nero)
by Karzan Zaraki
Jun 11, 2012 14:14:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Moonlit Desert

Here is the home to all hollows where the endless silver sands blow in the wind. A light spirit particle atmosphere sustains some hollows till there ready to hunt in the living world.

Sub-boards: Forest of Menos, Mature Board, The Mirrored Cave, El Dia's Ruins, Training Area

8 89 The Undertaking(solo training)
by Brago Kiryuu
Aug 2, 2012 18:00:47 GMT -5

Other Realms

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No New Posts Hell

Hell is the destination of those who committed unforgivably evil acts during their lives in the human world. When a hollow whose mortal soul is too wicked to enter Soul Society is slain by a zanpakut├┤, the gates of hell (giant doors held by skeletons) appear and begin to open. A giant, laughing spiritual being with a blade spears the wicked spirit and drags it down into hell.

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No New Posts General Board

A place for anything really. Post anything you want here; your dream fights, polls on who will win in the big fight or even your own fanfics!(Think and act free here, but still be respectful of others!)

Sub-boards: Absences, OOC BATTLE AREA, ART BOARD, Shinigami Plotting, Arrancar Plotting, Vizard Plotting, Human/Other Plotting, Interfaction Plotting, History, Eaon Hall of Shame

173 3,890 KK is moving to a new site
by Dr. Bright
Feb 6, 2014 12:49:54 GMT -5
No New Posts Journal/Diaries

In Character 1st person freedom! Personal Plot. Talk about what happened in the past days or weeks. contacts (If they hold a phone as an item) and other things. Investigation paperwork, or experiment notes... Note: One diary for one character, Don't make a new one for every entry...

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No New Posts Registrations

Here you register your Character and weapon, you can also view most peoples profiles here too.
The Profile mod will approve and post edits as needed.

Sub-boards: Gotei 13 - 13 Court Guard Divisions, VizCorp - Vizor Corporation, Las Noches, Los Horda, Ootoriha - Phoenix School, Quincy, Factionless, Inactive/Dead Characters, Mist of Secrets, Templates

400 549 Hisana Abari (wip)
by luceam
Nov 6, 2016 11:41:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Info - 1 Viewing

All Faction Info, Stats, and other random info you could possibly need.


Sub-boards: Factions & Classes, Our System, Plot/Story, Places and Realms

31 49 *NEW* Reiryoku & PvP System
by Hitsugaya
Jun 20, 2012 20:02:02 GMT -5
No New Posts Time Capsule

The past threads of the site are saved here

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No New Posts Affiliations

Here you can post any other site that you like and want to see your friends from here to join.

Rule 1 - Any site advertised must have at least 10 active members.

Rule 2 - Must allow our advert to be posted on their site.

Guest Friendly

Moderator: MeressXIII

Sub-boards: First Time, Link Back, Member's Sites

94 102 Final Chance Weyr
by Rouxy
Jul 2, 2019 18:09:47 GMT -5
No New Posts Event Development

Secure board for faction leaders and staff to plan and discuss specific events. Please do not share the password as to not ruin storyline elements for the other players on the board.

NOTE:regarding shinigami, only the soutaichou will be given the board password.

Moderator: Hat 'N' Clogs Admin

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No New Posts Staff Lounge

Behold the almighty golden staff lounge where the spiffy beat up couch,cups of noodles, and old fashioned tv are.

Moderator: Hat 'N' Clogs Admin

Sub-boards: Character Storage, Plots/Ideas, Notes, Instructions, Junk Board

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